RoyalText Message Marketing Facts

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 Q: How does Text Marketing work?

A: You use a system like ours to send one text to many people. The goal is to motivate the end users to take an action or receive information.

Q: Why should I use Text Marketing in my business?

A: Let’s face it. People are very attached to their cell phones and when they hear their text notification sound, they will read your message instantly. There is no other medium that allows you to reach out to your clients and prospects so quickly.

Q: Will Text Marketing replace other marketing?

A: While many mobile marketing providers tout Text Marketing as the best and only option, we’re a little different. We help companies and organizations enhance their efforts in print media, internet advertising, social media, television, radio, and event marketing by giving you a call to action. This call to action will help increase your list of subscribers and ultimately increase conversions and sales.

Q: Do I need to install anything on my computer?

A: No, our system is 100% web-based. You can access your account from any computer.

Q: I get unsolicited texts on my phone all of the time. Is that from your service?

A: No they aren’t from us. we only allow for a permission-based opt in list. You can’t just buy a list and upload it in our system. If a subscriber wants to stop receiving text messages from you they just have to reply STOP to any message and they are instantly removed.

Q: How can I build my list of subscribers?

A: You can allow people to opt in by scanning a QR or texting a keyword to our short code. This can be done through, print, internet, social media, tv, radio, and at events.

Q: What if I don’t have the time to start a Text Marketing campaign?

A: We offer expert-managed campaigns for clients who need our service. We fully manage the campaigns and collaborate with our clients on the content that they want to reach their prospects and clients.

Q: What about compliance?

A: We are fully compliant with all mobile marketing rules and regulations. We make updates as rules change.

Q: Is this a email-to-text message service?

A: No, this is true Short Message Peer-to-Peer or SMPP protocol. Our system has nothing to do with emails and we pay our all cell phone carriers to ensure that messages are delivered. Since email-to-text companies don’t have to pay the carriers there is no guarantee of message delivery.

Q: How do I know if Text Marketing is right for me?

A: Click on the Contact page at the top of the site and give us a call or send us an email If Text Marketing isn’t right for your business or organization we’ll be the first to tell you.

Q: Why should I choose RoyalText?

A: We’re experienced professionals in the mobile marketing industry. We strive for service after the sale so you’ll receive guidance and customer service that you won’t get anywhere else.

Q: Does your system work with Metro PCS?

A: Yes, we’re one of only a few providers that are compatible with Metro PCS. In South Florida, for example, Metro PCS has up to 15% of all cell phone subscribers. You don’t want to choose another company that will cause you to be unable to reach those subscribers.

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