About RoyalText

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Founded in 2011 by Robert Livingstone, RoyalText.com has quickly become a leading provider of SMS mobile marketing services. What prompted Robert to launch RoyalText.com? He was constantly speaking with local business owners who expressed frustration with their lack of ability to immediately engage with existing and prospective customers. Traditional marketing is certainly effective, but there is no other direct channel that can reach customers faster than through their mobile devices.
RoyalText.com was started by Robert Livingstone because he was amazed that he kept receiving ads lacking a call to action. He was amazed that companies he spoke with were always talking about lead generation, but didn’t have a clear vision on how to execute it with traditional marketing methods.  He thought that there had to be a better way to engage with clients.

Even though Robert doesn’t text like a 16 year-old girl, when he receives a text he always sees it and responds back right away. He’s like your average customer.  He doesn’t always know where he wants to shop or have dinner, but knows that he could be influenced if the right deal came along.  He just doesn’t want to wait for the next email or mailer to arrive. Robert also knows that companies want an instant response when they participate in marketing campaigns. Use RoyalText.com’s expertise and technology to instantly get a response from your customers.

RoyalText.com offers advanced marketing tools that can be used by virtually any industry.  These tools include mobile coupons, polls, contests, and much more. Industries that can enjoy RoyalText.com’s mobile marketing and communication suite include Real Estate Agents, Retailers, Restaurants, Hotels, Non-Profit Organizations, Government and Municipalities, and many more.

Our clients deserve a 97% read-rate from their patients, clients, and prospects.