Schools and Universities

sms for educatorsYour school or university requires a lot of communication. There are a lot of moving parts. How can you keep administrators, teachers, professors, students and parents updated about important issues? Many schools and universities around the world are already implementing SMS mobile alerts and reminders to make internal and external communication easier. Is yours?’s powerful platform works with schools and universes at every level. We can provide important message communication from preschool to the Ivy League. Here is a list of some of the ways in which our mobile marketing system can help:

Emergency Alerts – How do you currently communicate emergency alerts such as canceling classes due to weather, suspicious characters on campus, security lockdowns due to recent mass violence, etc? Reach everyone in 30 seconds or less. RoyalText’s text message alerts can literally save lives.

Deadlines – Remind students and parents about project and assignment deadlines, returning textbooks, tuition payments and more.

Meetings and Events – Send notifications about PTA meetings, fundraisers, student government sessions, field trips and more.

Internal Communication – Keep administration and faculty on the same page about school and campus news and information.

Surveys: Hold student government elections, votes on prom-themes, community service projects, etc. in real-time. Votes can be cast silently and no one can stuff a ballot box!

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