Reliable (SMPP) Text Messaging


At, we want you to know exactly what services you should be looking for when comparing different SMS providers. One of the key decisions that you’ll want to make relates to whether you’d prefer a SMTP texting service or SMPP texting service. There are key differences between the two services.

SMTP, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, was originally intended for communication between individuals. Essentially, one user would send an email to someone else through their computer. The email is then converted into a text message to the other person. Eventually, bulk SMS services tried to create a mass texting service through SMTP. Here is what you need to know about using SMTP, sometimes referred to as Standard Texting.

SMTP converts emails into text messages. That means the mobile carriers, such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc. aren’t paid for these messages. Since the carriers aren’t paid, they aren’t incentivized to deliver the messages in a timely manner or even guarantee delivery. We’ve seen SMTP messages that have arrived days later than intended and sometimes not at all. Additionally, is no regulatory oversight and most of the spam text messaging comes from SMTP servers. Often the messages come garbled and a typical 160 character text message could be split into 3 messages in a different order than originally intended.

Here is a summary of concerns that you should have with SMTP texting services:

1. SMTP was never intended for bulk texting. Remember, these are text messages converted emails.
2. Messages may not arrive on time or at all since the carriers aren’t paid.
3. Messages will have an unprofessional appearance.
4. You may be required to key in the mobile carrier in order to send messages.
5. More likely to on a gateway known for spamming.
6. STOP and HELP commands may not work correctly, leading to unhappy customers. proudly and exclusively offers SMPP texting, known as Short Message Peer-to-Peer Protocol. Also known as Express Messaging, SMPP ensures that all mobile carriers are paid and messages are guaranteed to be delivered immediately. SMPP texts are regulated and professional in appearance., and the mobile carriers, ensure that messages are delivered correctly and as they were originally intended. Additionally, commands like STOP and HELP will work correctly on SMPP services.

Here is a summary of advantages for using SMPP texting services:

1. SMPP was built for bulk texting.
2. Messages are guaranteed to arrive immediately, complete with delivery reporting. When we say immediately, we mean in a couple of seconds.
3. Messages will be displayed professionally. Small businesses can send messages their database just like their bigger competitors.
4. You aren’t required to submit the mobile carrier information.
5. Gateways are regulated and your messages will be less likely to appear alongside spam messages.
6. The STOP and HELP commands will function properly ensuring happy customers.

The choice of SMTP vs SMPP texting services is yours. Contact today to start your SMPP mobile marketing campaign.