Nonprofit Organizations

non_profit solutionsYou’re in the business of raising money for a cause that you find to be very personal. Your prospective donors are increasingly bombarded by materials from so many charities and organizations it overwhelms them. Do you want to stand out from the rest? Engage people and inform them about your cause by enrolling them into a text message campaign from RoyalText. Here are the leading mobile uses for our nonprofit clients:

1. Allow people to join by texting into your campaign. People will be welcomed with a message that is linked to your mobile-optimized payment page. This will allow for “impulse donations” when you promote the mobile donation capability. You can also ask people to donate on the spot at events, rather than filling out pledge forms. Our system has the flexibility for people to donate anything from $1 to an infinite amount of dollars with our PayPal integration. Our competitors will charge you far more and make you wait 60-90 days. We don’t take any percentage of your donations and you’ll receive your funds immediately.

2. Sell sponsorship packages and highlight your corporate sponsors by sending out “sponsored texts” with your most valuable partners. This will be a great revenue-generating opportunity on a monthly basis.

3. Send alerts to donors and members with last-minute reminders and changes about events. There is no such thing as an emergency email. If you need to communicate a last-minute change to an event it should be by text. Additionally, people today need same-day reminders about important events.

4. Show transparency in the organization by showing pictures of the direct benefits of the donations. People are now more skeptical than ever about their donations reaching the cause and you’ll make people feel good about their donations when you show them results of their generosity.
Contact us about a campaign and we’ll tell you about our reduced pricing for Nonprofit Organizations.