Fitness and Nutrition

fitness sms text marketingWhether you run fitness center, conduct personal training or guide customers on optimal nutrition, you probably notice patterns year after year. Your busiest months are probably in January and February after your clients promise themselves that this will be the year that they’ll get in shape. Typically those resolutions are broken shortly thereafter and you may even see a dip in your revenue.

You probably rely on a lot of one-on-one interaction, perhaps even by personal text message. You want to motivate your clients on off-days and keep them on the right track.

Let RoyalText optimize client communication and motivation by offering custom with our robust auto-responder. RoyalText sends messages to save you time and effort. Here is a sample of the automated message chain that your clients can receive based on the day they sign up:

Day 1: Thank you for enrolling in our exercise program. Day 1 is always the hardest, but we’ll get through this together!

Day 3: You may be sore, but that means that we’re on the right track. Keep up the great work!

Day 7: 1 week down. Are you sleeping better already?

Day 11: You’re making better eating decisions already. Make sure to up your protein intake!

Day 14: Your clothes are starting to feel bigger, aren’t they? Great job!

Day 18: You’re seeing great results. Bring a friend to our next session and you’ll both get $10 off!

You can pre-schedule up to 5 years worth of automated messages with our platform. RoyalText will program your clients’ names into each message to keep that personal touch that your clients desire.

Increase client retention with our Mobile SMS Loyalty program, which will reward them for their hard work and dedication. Contact RoyalText today to increase your revenue year-round!